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Hints and Tips
Hints and Tips is here primarily to help you navigate within our new website.  This page will be periodically updated to assist you in finding the information you may need about events, stories, conferences, business and financial reports, or just plain good old news. 
Still Have a Question?
Q:   Where can I find the minutes of meetings and financial reports?

A.    You will find minutes of meetings and financial reports on the conference page.  The reason is for the convenience of board of directors members.  They may make copies of their necessary reports immediately after registering for the conference.  This saves money of reproducing minutes and distributing them.  It also serves as a reminder to board members to bring their reports with them.
Q:   Can I still register for conferences by mail?

A:    Yes, you can.  Go back to the conference page and click on the on-line registration button and look for additional instructions after you have been redirected to the registration site.  There will be a printer friendly version of the form you are looking for.
Q:    How do I make it easier for myself to relocate this site again in the future.

A:     Most browsers provide a toolbar across the top of your screen.  Near the right hand side are a number of icons that represent settings or your ability to share or print material.  One of those icons on your browser may be a star.  Generally a star represents "favorites".  When you are on the Pacific Northwest Optimist website, click on that star.  When the drop box appears, the first box will generally indicate the site you are on currently.  If it is Pacific Northwest Optimist in this shaded box, simply click on add.  That will move Pacific Northwest Optimist to your favorites list or your preferred reading list depending on your browser's terms.  The link to this site is now permanently listed on that star drop down box enabling you to go to your favorite website with two simple clicks of the mouse.